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Dental implants are long-term replacements for missing teeth. They are safe, strong and durable, producing lifelike results. Dr Desai has extensive training and experience in fitting dental implants, regularly receiving referrals from other dentists.

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I was surprisingly amazed how simple the procedure for an implant was. Dr Desai and his lovely assistants were very gentle and reassuring. I felt no pain during the procedure and felt very calm. The next day I was doing normal activities. I had no side effects or infections. Everything went really well.

At 19 years of age I was very scared, but the service the team provided was fantastic. I am now happy when I smile. Thank you to everyone.
L Johnstone

My implants are wonderful. The staff, all of them, have been great, professional and careful. Thank to everyone.

Thank you for restoring my smile and giving me back my front tooth!! I never knew it could be so straightforward thanks to implants.
Very apprehensive about the procedure but put at ease by Dr Desai and his nurse, very professional throughout.
Why didn’t I have an implant sooner? Couldn’t believe how natural everything looked at the end of my treatment.
Very professional approach to my treatment as always, very pleased with final result and will be considering having more implants in the future.
I wish I had had my implants sooner, I feel much happier about smiling now they are finished. Thank you Dr Desai.
Dr Desai is fantastic at putting me at ease before my implant treatment, I could never have had implants without him. Really pleased with approach to treatment and thank you to all his lovely staff for their support.

Dr Jatin Desai

Jatin Desai

Dr Jatin Desai qualified in 1980 and worked in several hospitals gaining experience and expertise in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He now runs a private practice providing restorative dental services and has special interests in implant dentistry and reconstructive dentistry. Dr Desai has been successfully placing implants for 18 years, and now lectures on a regular basis and receives referrals from other dentists.

He is an active member of several societies and organisations, including the British Dental Association and the Anglo Asian Odontological Society. He is also an accredited trainer for CEREC and the founder of the British Society of Computerised Dentistry.

Dr Desai accepts referrals for:

  • Dental implants
  • Oral surgery (minor cases and private treatment only)
  • Sedation (private)

Dental Implants



Implants are essentially titanium posts which replace the root part of an absent tooth. The implant is placed in a socket in the jaw bone and, once it has fully integrated into the bone tissue, supports a crown, dental bridge or denture to reinstate full mouth function.

If you are looking for a dentist in Reading with expertise in dental implants, call us today. Implants are a long-term, highly effective solution for missing teeth.

The Procedure

Drilling is done into the jaw bone to create a socket for the implant. The implant is then fixed into the socket and gum tissue sutured and left to heal. In some cases, it is possible to fit the new teeth on the same day as the implant, but it is more common to allow for healing time. The main aim of the installation stage is to fit the dental implants as close to the bone as possible to achieve optimum contact and stability, after which the implant should integrate into the bone and increase stability.


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